customer reviews


Keith booth

“The baked beans are absolutely amazing. The flavor is savory and holds a long lasting tanginess with a hint of spicy sweetness. I love eating products from this company, highly recommended.”


chase jackson

“If you ever wondered what it would be like to taste outstanding cuisines from a top notch Chef who’s passion shows through his dishes, you don’t have to book a flight to go see Gordon Ramsey. Brandon has never disappointed when it comes to any dishes he’s prepared. He takes the time to select the fresh and the best choice ingredients even for a simple potluck. If you have not bought his WTF Sauces, you are missing out! I appreciate the effort in his work and, one day I would not be surprised if someone like Guy Fieri showed up to visit. Keep up the good work.”


gabriela torres

“Snooks Eatery is ALMOST too good to be true. I was able to try delectable grilled oysters, octopus, lobster tail, and crab and let me tell you it was amazing! Y’all might not believe me but there’s actual soul behind the food and a lot of love. I would highly recommend any dish prepared by the owner of this company.”


vinetra grigsby

“The place I go for a home cooked. If I could I would eat there every day, because the food is so flavorful! Snooks Eatery can cook anything from steak, fish, octopus, and all the pasta. I personally bought the white sauce and would have bought the yellow sauce if it wasn't sold out. I can't wait to try more delicious meals from Snooks cause it's always a good time. I recommend to Everyone!”


jennifer torres

“Snooks Eatery is a mixture of both flavor and love. The seafood I ate-which consisted of crab, octopus, shrimp and oysters- was not only delicious, but well explained in regards to how it was prepared. It is evident that the amount of culinary passion that exists in the kitchen translates into the food and sauces that are prepared. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to try new, tasty food.”