“I’ve never considered myself a chef… that would be disrespectful to those who trained for years in culinary school to be one. I’m a culinary curator…” - Brandon Jacobs, Founder of Snooks Eatery


When I’m asked about how this thing we’re now calling Snooks Eatery came to be, I usually say it started on a stool in my grandma’s house on W. 40th Street in Jacksonville, FL. You see, my grandmother, Lucile Walker, was a hard working woman who taught me that great food comes from love for what you’re cooking and a desire to put in the work necessary to make something that people will appreciate… oh and if you didn’t do it right, don’t be surprised if you get smacked on your hands with her wooden spoon.

I’ve had friends and family approaching me for years about creating a catering business and to be very honest, I’ve been afraid. It’s one thing when you’re cooking for folks for free, but it is something else entirely when you have to convince folks to pay for your hard work. Everyone loves a free meal, but when you ask them to part with their money, things often change. Luckily, that hasn’t been the case, and once I started Snooks Eatery and started producing my WTF Sauces, things have just taken off. We are looking to continue to grow the WTF Sauce footprint here in Texas and back home in Florida with the ultimate goal of one day making it on to store shelves… and yes, as the catering side grows, the dream is to build a brick and mortar restaurant back home in the urban core of Jacksonville, Florida to show love to where I came from.

To my grandma, none of this would be possible without you. Huge thanks to my siblings Kandice, Karla and Robin who lied and told me those Parmesan chicken tenders were great back in ‘97 (they were salty… it’s fine… I accept that). Thank you Momma for eating the biscuits back in ‘95 when they were too dry and tasted like bricks; it helped keep my confidence up to make the buttery deliciousness I make today. Thanks to all my friends and extended family who have followed the Snooks Eatery Instagram page, liked the Facebook page, or were just encouraging while I was getting to this point. To the Snooks Eatery Operations Manager, Stephanie Armstrong… you wrote down the ingredients in my head and pushed this to be a reality, I can’t express how much I love and appreciate you.

Finally to Snooks… I hope this makes you proud…



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